Spiritual concepts


Once one has left the confines of the soul and reached the Aether level at the top of the soul cone and in the centre portion of the egg where all other Higher spirits are to be found, the one overwhelming sensation that one experiences is of that of light.

The word Light is utterly inadequate to describe this phenomenon, it is actually a shadowless light, it is extraordinarily powerful but does not 'blind', as one travels closer to the 'centre' the 'Light' increases and at that stage one realises that Light is power .

At the centre the power is beyond all description, as its 'strength' [again an inadequate human word] is overwhelming. The closer to the centre of power one gets and the weaker functionally you are, the greater the likelihood that annihilation awaits.  And this is simply destruction, although if you have achieved new function you may be 'absorbed' [again an inadequate word].

Light and divine love are often together, but they may not be as you will see from the observations.


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