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Cartwright, Sir Fairfax Leighton - The Mystic Rose - The Gardeners



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The Mystic Rose from the Garden of the King -  A Fragment of the Vision of Sheikh Haji Ibrahim of Kerbela 1898 - Sir Fairfax Leighton Cartwright

Say not that Love Desire is a Sin, for Love Desire is but Potential Energy, and like the rich mould of a garden it can produce all things, therefore let it be considered a manifestation of the Creative Essence.

But the Gardeners who till the garden are two - twins are they - and the first is the Child of Imagination, and he produces from the mould of Love Desire the glorious flowers of the Garden of Paradise, and thereby leads the Soul of Man through celestial emotions to a conception of the eternally-Beautiful.

And the second Gardener is the Child of Darkness, and he produces from the mould of Love Desire the toadstools and the undergrowths which invade the garden, and the dank and Poisonous trees whose intense shade falls upon the Soul of Man like a veil to hide from it a vision of the Light.

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Cartwright, Sir Fairfax Leighton

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