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Love with visualisation

Category: Actions



Introduction and description


Love with visualisation is an extension of the activity of Love

The objective is not overload from sensory experience but overload from the Emotion or feeling of love towards something or someone.

It does not involve sex.

In fact, it appears to work better than sex , as it avoids all the complications that sex produces chemically and the degeneration into obsession that can sometimes take place  [and lust and jealousy and all sorts of other negative emotions!].

In this activity you aim to achieve Unity with your Higher spirit via human love.  In effect, you obtain Divine Love via human love.

This can only ever succeed if the love is deep and genuine for your loved one. 

The technique requires a form of visualisation in which you imagine your loved one, or raise your loved one in your imagination, to the status of the divine, at the level of your Higher spirit


This technique has numerous names in different cultures  -  it has been a part of, or described in Fedele d’amore, Dialoghi d’amori, Nazar ila'l-murd  and so on.  But in every case it is the same process.


First decide who or what you wish to raise to ‘divine status’.

If you find it impossible to love another adult human being as much as this, love your children or a child.  The problem with loving someone of adult status if you are an adult, is that sex can get in the way, but you might find it possible to feel this way about an adult, without any sexual overtones. 

If you do not have children or find it difficult to love children, then get a dog, or a cat, or a hamster, or a guinea pig, or a rabbit, or a donkey, or a horse, or a pet rat, all of which deserve to be loved and cared for and all of which give love back. 

If this fails, find an image of something you can love.

You are NOT and I repeat NOT ‘using’ your loved one and forgetting who they are, you are visualising them as something angelic – seeing the divine in them,  raising them to the status of a goddess or god in your mind.  Thus if anything you are elevating your love for them to a higher plane, not debasing it so they are just a means to an end.

If you go the wrong way, it doesn’t work.  You have to love them with all your heart and believe in their divinity.  Think of them as the closest thing to heaven that you have.

By doing this, you both enhance the love between you, as well as making it easier to achieve Unity with your Higher spirit.  The aim is thus to help you with your spiritual progress by making the concept of the Higher spirit one you can associate with more easily.  Through the love of a little earthly creature you start to understand what divine love is.

One of the keys to success when using this technique is also that you let go of Reason and surrender to this loved one.  In effect, you abandon both Reason and the Will.  What your loved creature or person needs becomes more important than what you want or appear to need.  If you are unable to do this, if you hang on to your ego and try to treat the process like a military exercise as opposed to a spontaneous expression of love, you will get nowhere.

You have to let go.

If you are not with the person or creature that you love then any image can be used instead.   You then have the image of them in front of you, but you still need the visualisation to elevate them into a divine creature – see in them what is divine.   I have even painted a ‘divine image’ of a loved one, this works too.  Those of a religious bent tend to use images of a saint or revered leader.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead
Whosoever thy tutelary deity may be, meditate upon the form for much time – as being apparent, yet non existent in reality, like a form produced by a magician ….
Then let the visualisation … melt away from the extremities till nothing at all remaineth visible of it, and put thyself in the state of the clearness and the voidness – which thou canst not conceive as something – and abide in that state for a little while. 
Again meditate upon the deity; again meditate upon the clear light. 
Do this alternately. 
Afterwards allow thine own intellect to melt away gradually, beginning from the extremities

St Francois de Sales
If the heart wanders or is distracted, bring it back to the point quite gently and replace it tenderly in its Master’s presence.  And even if you did nothing during the whole of your hour but bring your heart back and place it again in our Lord’s presence, though it went away every time you brought it back, your hour would be well employed

Philosophies of India – Dr Heinrich Zimmer [edited by Joseph Campbell]
‘What is the use’ he thought ‘of bowing before an image, for an image is unconscious?’
There was a saint in the temple at the time, however, named Vipulamati, and he removed this doubt.
‘An image’ he told the king ‘affects the mind.  If one holds a red flower before a glass, the glass will be red; if one holds up a dark blue flower the glass will be dark blue.  Just so, the mind is changed by the presence of an image. 
Contemplating the form of the passionless Lord in the Jaina temple, the mind becomes filled automatically with a sentiment of renunciation; whereas at the sight of a courtesan it becomes restless. 
No one can regard the peaceful, absolute form of the Lord without recalling the noble qualities of the Lord; and this influence is the more forceful if one worships.  The mind straightway becomes purified.  But given purity of mind, one is already on the way to final bliss’

If you are with the person or creature you love then you can show all the normal signs of affection - hug them, give them an affectionate kiss, hold their hand [or paw], stroke their coat or hair, but do not let this affection escalate to something sexual. 


The aim is to intensify the feelings of love you have, not to send your autonomic systems into a spiral of desire lust and longing, so touching, holding hands, holding each other, kissing gently, all these are signs of love and deep affection.  If you wish to be daft about this, imagine that the person is a loved dog.  Nobody who has any marbles left wants sex with a dog, but most people like cuddling dogs and stroking them and the affection and love one may have for a dog [or cat] couldn’t be more ‘pure’ as a result.

You are not trying to suppress the autonomic system incidentally, this is not repression, this is circumventing the autonomic system with a ‘higher emotion’.  So it is a non-destructive alternative to chastity.  In effect, any instinctive, sexual longings that may surface as a result of this are gently subsumed by the sheer overwhelming love you feel. 

All you need is love.

How it works

It may help to have the Model of the Mind open and to have read the generic description of How spiritual experience works.

The way in which this works is by using very very high Emotion and that emotion is that of love.  No other emotion or input is involved, thus the process is simple, but clearly wholly dependent upon the images we receive generating this level of love.   

The 5 senses along possibly with the other senses are not directly involved.  If the Autonomic system and specifically the sexual system starts to become active then you have probably chosen the wrong person or creature as your loved one.  If this is, however, a one-off response to some odd event, the feeling must be converted to love.  You have to say to yourself ‘lust must turn to love’!  So it needs your input to do the conversion.

With this level of positive Emotion, the Will is overwhelmed, not with Threats or Obligations, not with Desires or Opportunities, but simply with what it perceives to be pleasure – love is the highest form of Emotion, there is no other higher than this, so it has no need to do anything.  And as it figuratively sits back and says ‘aah love, here I can take a rest’, in pops the Composer and we have our spiritual experience.


  • Even if nothing happens, this is quite the nicest way of life one can live, it gives peace, perfect peace and joy.
  • Free, legal
  • Love given is returned, even if it is a hamster



  • Not many men are capable of this.
  • Not many women are capable of this.
  • It does leave you very vulnerable, if you lose them, the pain is possibly worse than a sexual relationship, as the pleasure from sex can easily be replaced, but the loss of love of one who you have raised to this level is appalling.  It is why the religious use the images of leaders already dead – there can be no loss then.

References and further reading

There is one specific technique that has been used here that combines simple with other forms of visualisation, invented by a man called Bill Swynard, who helped develop the Christos method.  It is called the Orbit Technique



Within this group of observations are some which commentators disparagingly call ‘Pederasty’.  If we take the strict definition of this term it means  the love by a man of a young boy.  The word pederasty derives from Greek (paiderastia) "love of boys". In one of the more tragic degenerations of this practise, what was once a noble act of love has become a bestial act of paedophilia.

The original intention of all original forms of this practise was intended to be entirely spiritual in nature as I have described it.  You cannot reach the divine by hurt and paedophilia is hurt.  So the practises I have listed here, although described in other terms on some websites, were all intended to be acts of pure love towards another human being  – non sexual love for an innocent and beautiful child. 

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