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Hafez of Shiraz - Thirty Poems - In the snare of your locks



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Hafiz of Shiraz – Thirty Poems [translated by Peter Avery and John Heath-Stubbs]

In the snare of your locks the heart is its own tormentor
Dispatch with a glance of your eye; this it has earned


How easy at first love seemed, but now the snags begin
How many hearts lie bleeding, waiting for the wind loosened musk
Out of these tresses – the bright twist of black curls?
For what security have we here in this halting place
Where every moment the bell clangs ‘strap up your packs?’
Stain your prayer mat with wine if the Master tells you
That seasoned voyager knows the way of the road
But travelling light, what can these land-lovers know of it –
Black night, our fear of waves and the horrible whirlpool?

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Hafez of Shiraz

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