Symbols - What does heaven look like


              Clark Little "Two Waves Intersecting"











In the same way that the Ocean and sea is symbolically a force of destruction, the wave is the symbol of the act of destruction – the means by which destruction is achieved.

Thus moving waves on a shoreline are a symbol of and a means of destruction of the physical – it can be a sign of aging and decay or alternatively a sign of functional destruction – perhaps emotional overload and distress.  If the waves are out at sea then they are forces of destruction of function and system  as opposed to form.

The one thing you do not want to see in a dream for example, is vast breakers lashing against your island!

The French Lieutenant’s Woman

Very very occasionally walls of water – standing waves rather than breaking waves -  are used as barriers and boundaries. If the standing wave is a seriously large barrier, it denotes that behind the wave is something of extreme importance that needs to be protected.  This symbolism was used to good effect in the C S Lewis books and Prince Caspian and the dawn Treader, it can also be seen in the film of the same name.


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