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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Cannabis and morning glory seeds - by Waking dream



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Number of hallucinations: 1


The LSA in morning glory seeds causes vasoconstriction, hypoxia and brain damage

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A description of the experience

Vaults of Erowid - December 9th, 2007 ; contributor ‘Waking dream’

I had wanted to try a hallucinogen for quite a long time, but since none were available in my area, I figured I was out of luck and just stuck to smoking weed once or twice a week. It wasn't before too long, though, that I discovered morning glory seeds, and the LSA contained within them. ……. I went online … and ordered two ounces of heavenly blue morning glory seeds from a really great online dealer here in California. My seeds arrived on December 5th, and I had planned to try them on the 8th. I divided up one package of seeds (one ounce) into two piles: one with 350 seeds, and one with 400 seeds. ……….I ground up my pile of 350 seeds, mixed them with applesauce, ate them, and then started waiting for the nausea. Again, it never came. After two hours, I still wasn't feeling anything so I thought, 'Great, I wasted 12 bucks on these stupid seeds, and they're not even working.' I decided to up my dosage, so I ground up the remaining 400 seeds that I had set aside and ate those, then waited for the nausea that I was sure to experience. Once again, it never came. At this point I was getting annoyed that nothing was happening, so I packed a bowl of some really good weed and took 4 pretty small hits, then just chilled out and played Rock Band with my sister………….

After about 30 to 45 more minutes……... I stepped outside ….. and this is when my trip REALLY hit me, because what I saw completely blew my mind. Looking into the wood, I saw shapes that looked like rippling water. The shapes shifted and rearranged themselves until it became something that looked like space in all its infinite vastness. In the patterns, I saw the shape of a man slowly appear, and this amused me greatly. The man was then pressed against what appeared to be glass with his cheek and hands pressed against it……

………..When my eyes were closed, I was treated to the most beautiful and intensely real closed eye visuals I have ever experienced, and I can get some really good ones from weed. Anyway, the visuals would shift when different songs came on, or when the song I was listening to would change from heavy screaming and pounding riffs to softer singing and acoustic riffs. Here is what I saw as best as I can remember and describe them, though nothing I say can EVER come close to what I experienced.

I was a fox in a meadow, and I distinctly remember looking around and sniffing the air. It smelled sweet, and as I looked around more, I could see that the smell was coming from all kinds of wild flowers. However, I wasn't in the meadow to smell the flowers. I was hunting, and I picked up the scent of a rabbit as it moved through the high grass and flowers. I started to chase the rabbit, and the chase led me into a forest, where I eventually caught it. I looked up, though, and saw a little girl who looked very cold and hungry, so after I took a couple decent bites from the rabbit, I gave the rest to the little girl and ran back out into the meadow, where suddenly my visual changed (the next song had come on).

I became a bird. At first I couldn't tell what kind of bird I was because I was in a first person view, but with a little shift in my mind, I was able to switch to third person, and I saw that I was a bald eagle flying over a thick pine forest. I think that the reason I became a bird is because the music had turned very, very soft and kind of floaty, and it was very mellow and pleasant. My sister asked me if I was a bird, and I kind of nodded, totally amazed that she had been able to guess what I was feeling purely by watching my movements and body language.

When the next song came on, it was much heavier, so my visual changed again, and I was a cheetah on the plains of Africa, chasing an antelope. I caught it and started eating it, but the visual abruptly changed before too much could happen, and I became man.

 The thing that's strange about this visual, though, is that I was not a predator. Instead, I was the keeper of a lighthouse during a heavy storm, and waves were battering the rocks that the lighthouse was sitting on. This visual was completely different from the other three because it was third person the entire time (the other ones would switch from first to third, sometimes by will, and sometimes on their own), and it seemed somewhat cinematic. It reminded me a lot of one of the trailers for a game called Alan Wake, but it still looked and most definitely felt very different than the trailer.

Anyway, after the fourth visual, they stopped and didn't return for the rest of the trip, but when I opened my eyes, I was treated to some amazing open eye visuals

[Later], the visuals started to get less and less intense, and I could feel myself slowly returning to baseline. At around midnight, I felt completely normal, and when I checked my eyes in the mirror, they looked normal, so it was time for bed. Overall, this was an overwhelmingly positive experience, and I am definitely going to be doing these seeds again

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