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Symbols - What does heaven look like

Ocean and sea

The ocean and the sea take on the generic symbolism of water – that is the vibrational level directly above that of the earth and hence physical level.  But we have the added symbolism of salt, which is symbolically matter or form, [the template for it] thus the ocean and salt water is either form in the process of being created or form in the process of being dissolved.

In effect,  the ocean is the transition realm between the earth and the wider spiritual world.  Because vibrationally the water is above the earth level, the deeper, figuratively, speaking one goes in the sea, the nearer you are to the physical.  Thus at great depths one has almost gone back to the physical level.

The sea can also be symbolic of the return to chaos especially when 'churned up' and hence rough – in that it is spirit in the process of becoming unprogrammed energy.  In a sense all programmed energy and hence spirit returns to unprogrammed energy and is thus 'dissolved' returning to the sea. A sea serpent is for this reason an agent of dissolution – a destroyer of function.

A rough sea, if you are on the shore can also be a symbol of a troubled mind

Conversely a calm sea is the symbolic sign of a calm untroubled mind.

The boat on the sea is symbolically like an island – a little centre of ordered energy amidst a dissolving force which may or may not threaten it.

A shipwreck is a break up of ordered function and can be a symbol of rebirth.

As the physical world is in a sense derived from the water level, it is water 'solidified', the sea is the origin of life.  This is why Venus was born of the waters and why shells are symbolically important.  But we can also return to the waters and thus the sea is also a symbol of death – or more correctly 'going home'.  Our unwanted and unneeded function is returned to the waters and we emerge from the waters as our Higher spirit; to continue the alchemical symbolism, we emerge as sulphur!

There is a big difference symbolically between a lake and the ocean.  The ocean is the unknown – uncharted waters – new territory, if you are sailing on the ocean in a dream you are going into the world of new ideas and new function – creating and exploring.  Thus when  the tide has turned it means new ideas are starting to get accepted.

Swimming in the sea is a form of purification symbolically, it washes away unwanted function.

But the sea being a combination of salt and water is also a symbol of the chemical wedding, as such if you symbolically drown it can represent spiritual annihilation.  Thus to see yourself drowning in a dream or vision is not necessarily negative – unless of course you aren't that keen on being annihilated!  The symbolism takes on added potency because sea water is not sweet it is bitter.


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