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How sweet the heavens are



Type of Spiritual Experience


I'm afraid this is partly a joke poem designed to try to include just about every symbol I knew.


A description of the experience

How sweet the heavens are with you
Us two
To brave the fire where phoenix dwells
To ride the storm on ocean swells
With you
To float on opalescent air, without a care
To watch the clouds below us pass, like glass
Us two
White heat and walls of flame will show
In heaven there is more to know
For two
Where rainbows climb in rings of gold
And birds in thousands swirl we’re told -
We too.
For castles in the air we seek, for palaces a little peek  –
For gardens, groves and mighty trees,-  are these
For you?  Me too
I left the forest long ago, its strange seduction left I know
I left the caves and tunnels long, for song
With you
My island merged with yours, the sands of time have made us one
And tiny pearls around us swim, a view I have but only dim
We knew
And bubbles climb to moon and sun, where planets run
Each note they make a sign you see, that you and me
Are one

The source of the experience

Blithe spirit

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