Symbols - What does heaven look like


A flame is symbolic of a Spirit Entity of some sort.  The flame, if small, can represent a very minor Intelligence, or if large a very important Intelligence of great power.  Your Higher spirit can also be seen as a flame.  Size is an indicator of the position within the Intelligence hierarchy.

Flame and fire symbolism are closely related.  Whereas Fire -  sheets of flame or huge walls of flame - symbolises ‘destruction’, ‘creation’ and ‘purification’,  flames are an aspect of Fire – a created spiritual thing – the result of the creative force.   There is also a link between flames and the level of Fire for this reason.

Thus a flame is ‘of’ fire.  It is a smaller part of the Creator [or Destroyer]. 

Flames can ‘dance’ in circles and spirals in groups.  In fact in general observers seemed to notice that many of the things they saw danced and swirled circled and turned.  The energy of the universe does appear to be circular and spiral round, appearing to ‘dance’.

The folklore practise [still existent in Scotland, India, Eastern Europe and so on] of lighting ‘Need-fires’, sacred fires designed to to ward off disease, or  kindled on occasions of special distress is an example of how ritual has been used to incorporate the concept of flames and fire.


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