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Khusrau, Amir - Ghazal 74



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Ghazal 74: divana mikuni dil-u jan-I kharab-ra

You drive my ruined heart and soul insane.
Don't twirl your hair in sport
and break those chains of pure musk.

Though it's a sin to shed innocent
blood, come shed my blood
and earn holy blessings.

Don't waste rose water on beggars' robes:
this age does not deserve
the perfume of love's union.

Love, how did you come to work
on a nobody like me? Is no one else
left in this ruined world?

Not having dreamt bitter dreams
a single night, how can they know
the taste of aching absence?

The times suffer a drought of faithfulness
and storms well up in the eyes:
'When will the stars decree this omen of rain?

We are slaves to a glance always
ready to parry. As soon as I said, Kill!
he brandished his eyelash sword.

If he's happy killing the helpless,
let straightforwardness,
Lord, speed his arrow's flight.

In vain is the devastating
beauty of ephebe and saqi.
As an intoxicant wine is falsely accused.

From heart's fire my sobbing
lets fall tears of blood:
The roast sobs sweetly over the flame.

Khusrau cannot staunch his burning tears.
Yes, the hot kettle brings water to a boil.

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Khusrau, Amir

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