Symbols - What does heaven look like


Yet another symbol to represent Spirit Input is wine.  This symbol is of course used by the Christian church during communion.

The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
While the Rose blows along the river brink
With old Khayyam, the ruby vintage drink
And when the Angel with his darker draught
Draws up to thee – take that and do not shrink

If wine is used symbolically to convey the idea of spiritual input, then the source of the wine may be referred to as the ‘wine cellar’.

The symbol of wine was sometimes combined with bread [also symbolic], as in the Last Supper and the expression Sine Cerere et Baccho friget Venus. Without Ceres (bread) and Bacchus (wine) Venus (love) freezes, meaning that without spiritual input Love dies - access to Eros withers.


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