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The Book of Taliesin - Caer Sidi



Type of Spiritual Experience


Caer Sidi is beyond Fire and thus the Aether level.  Fire is the Firewall in this map of the Egg, only the Earth layer can be perceived with our 5 senses.



For an explanation of where all the other layers are besides the layer we can perceive – see Where is heaven.

For an explanation of how the egg  is further divided up – there is a map provided for each of the sub-levels shown above in Map of the Egg, or you can turn to the definitions of the Inward court and Outward court.

Some added detail is provided in the description for the Matrix.

A description of the experience

The Lost Language of Symbolism, Volume 2   By Harold Bayley

Caer Sidi, which resolves into Caer si di – the Seat of Resplendant Fire, figures in legend not only as Stonehenge but also the Land of the Everlasting Summer.  Thus in the Poems of the Welsh Taliessin

Perfect is my chair in Caer Sidi
Plague and age hurt him not who is in it
They know, Manawydan and Pryderi
Three organs round a fire sing before it
And about its points are the oceans’ streams
And the abundant well above it
Sweeter than white wine the drink in it

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Map of Stonehenge for comparison with the Egg