Definitions are divided into groups:

Spiritual concepts

 A concept describing the spiritual realm - the software of the universe, but excluding symbols.  So for example, spirit, levels and layers, portals, energy, chaos


A symbol is an image or word used to represent one or more concepts within the spiritual world.  Only symbols that are used in the spiritual context will be included and their definitions will be restricted to the spiritual one.  This means that any additional meaning the symbol has taken on in other contexts will be excluded from the definition.

Some science

 Any concept which is related to the physical [hardware] as opposed to spiritual [software] world  

Common steps

A set of actions that are common to more than one activity and may thus be cross referenced in the method of an activity.

The purpose of providing a section on common steps is to avoid duplication of instructions and also to ensure the instructions are consistently explained.

The sections on common steps contain only the description of what to do and nothing more as their effect is obtained within the context of the main activity.