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The Greeks and Romans recognised three aspects of love and personified them as

-       Venus/Aphrodite – feminine aspects of love

-       Cupid/Erotes – masculine aspects of love

-       Eros – divine love

In terms of direct spiritual input, therefore, as opposed to the love we give, Eros is the most important personification.

Eros personifies the function of Divine Love.  Aphrodite and Cupid represent the functions of love that we possess ourselves.

The Greek god Eros and the Roman Cupid are not describing the same aspect of love.  Eros according to Hesiod is the love that was the basis of the creation of the universe and as such was one of the first gods to be created, or to quote from Wikipedia “he is a primeval deity who embodies … the creative urge of ever-flowing nature, the firstborn Light for the coming into being and ordering of all things in the cosmos”.  Only later was the god debased to match Roman myth.



Thus is why the god is portrayed as a child often a very small child.  The love is innocent, pure and free of human desire.

There is an aspect of Venus which appears roughly to correspond to Eros - Venus Caelestis  - "Celestial Venus".

Divine Love is pure.

Given that love is a system like any other there must be an Intelligence in charge of divine love, so indeed Eros is as good a name as any. 

Note that this Intelligence is not one of the symbolic planets, but separate.

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