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Zhang Guolao - Secrets of Embryonic Breathing



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Zhang, Guo Lao's Secrets of Embryonic breathing - from The Secrets of Spiritual Applications of all Veracious Holy Embryo

What is the embryo?
It is in the palace where life is originated.
Through breathing, the Qi is received at the Yuan Hai (i.e. Original ocean)
After accepting the real essence, the shape is formalized and begins to receive the Qi of the heaven and the earth.
After one month, it is the size of a tiny pearl,
two months as a dewdrop
three months as a peach or plum
this results from the pure and simple harmonious Qi.
The embryo is in Mother’s womb,
when Mother exhales, he exhales
when Mother inhales, he inhales
When ten months period is up, the Qi is abundant.
The six emotions turn to the outside and do not return his vision or understand his origin
Consequently there is life and death
Therefore the Holy Man says
“I should not indulge my San Shi [desires],
the six emotions cease
and the mind is kept still through breathing.
Those who cultivate the Dao
must first cultivate the gateway
And keep the Xin calm”
He also said
“Terminate the Xin so as to cultivate the Dao
then effort can be saved and immortality achieved
those who do not end the Xin first and cultivate the Dao
their efforts are in vain.
First end the origin of Xin, then your mind can be steady by itself
The Dragon ad the Tiger can be tamed and controlled
The success of immortality can be attained

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Zhang Guolao

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