Symbols - What does heaven look like


All fruit where it has a stone in the centre, a fleshy layer and a skin is an alternative symbol for the Egg.  It can also be an alternative symbol for the Atom because Atom and Egg are mirrors of each other.

The skin represents the Earth layer.

The kernel represents the Aether layer.

The soft fleshy part represents the combined water, air and fire levels.

One should not forget that many trees have fruit which is still fruit even thought it is inedible.  Thus for example the Horse chestnut and the ‘conker’ is frequently used in symbolic tales because it so very closely matches the Egg – it even has little cones around its outer rim [the prickles].

In another context – that of the spiritual path, the Autumn of our years is symbolically the time when we get the benefits from earlier efforts - we ‘gather the fruits of our labours’.

This is one reason why fruit figures so strongly as a symbol of wisdom. 


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