Symbols - What does heaven look like


The Palace is yet another Cell in the Matrix.

The symbolic representation of a system of the universe.  Thus there may be a human being palace containing the functions of love’,  ‘bliss’,  ‘laughter’,  ‘sadness’ and so on.  There will be a palace for physical water and its functions – H2O - or a palace for the functions of oxygen and so on. 

Every ‘entity’ or aggregate has a palace.

By definition, since Intelligences are systems, then Intelligences 'live' in/are palaces.

There are as a consequence very very large palaces for entities that have a great number of functions and much smaller palaces for the entities that have few and simpler functions. As systems consist of both databases and function, symbolically the functions appear as rooms, the databases as towers.

Analogously therefore, a palace is like a software package.  A collection of programs that together make up a working self contained system.  Anything that can be named and which has a tangible existence will have a system connected to it.  A palace is the package as opposed to the copy which is castle. The symbolism, however, for both the castle and the palace is not that different and it is often difficult to tell whether one is looking at a castle or a palace!

Palaces and cities are symbolically different.  Whereas a palace is not man made, cities represent man made systems.


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