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Hawker, Robert Stephen - The Signals of Levi



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The Reverend Hawker clearly believed that the story of the nativity is allegorical and that the ‘stable’ was a ‘cave’ within the ‘mountain’ of the Creator. In effect, the Virgin Mary was the Mother figure who gave birth to an archetype perfect human being in a ‘cave’ within the ‘Created’ section of the ‘egg’.

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Robert Stephen Hawker – The Signals of Levi

There is light on Hebron's towers
Day dawns o'er Jordan's stream
And it floats where Bethlehem's bowers
Of the blessed morning dream
Yet it wakes no kingly halls,
It cleaves no purple room,
The soft, calm radiance falls
On a cavern's vaulted gloom.
But there, where the oxen rest
When the weary day is done
How that maiden mother's breast
Thrills with her Aweful Son

A cave where the fatlings roam
By the ruddy heifer trod,
Yea! The mountain's rifted home
Is the birthplace of a god

This is he, the mystic birth
By the sign and voice foretold;
He shall rule the wide, wide earth,
And quench the thrones of old

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Hawker, Robert Stephen

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