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Braveheart - Follow the yellow brick road



Type of Spiritual Experience


The following full length transcript is extremely good at showing the way different sorts of portal may be encountered during a long session.  It also shows that there are more varieties of portal than I have described – the ones I have included tend to be the most frequently seen.

In this example, we see arches, caves, discs, burrows, spiral fronds, plus many others

Braveheart  and I did the interpretation together after the event via email.  As the description is quite long, I have placed the possible interpretation within the text itself.  It is in italics.

A description of the experience

I am on a shamanic high at the moment 
I seem to be standing on large yellow paving stones.
Maybe symbol of shamanic/spiritual  'path' - they like puns  - follow the Yellow Brick road ....

I am aware that it is hot.
Yellow and gold are the colour of air and the fiery levels, 'good' levels identifying you are on a journey of high intent

I am naked. On each side of me there is a stone pillar and above me a stone arch.
A portal - a door to a new stage of the vision I think.  Occasionally you have to pass tests to get through portals - you appear to have been given free access.  Probably the portal through to the wider spiritual world if it is two pillars

Behind me, though I do not look, I am aware of a large ornate building.
Palace or City?  Palace is a software package made by the spiritual world, cities are the systems we make.  Perhaps it is the software that makes heat!! [joking]

Ahead of me is a vast plain: the sky above it is in shades of yellow from searingly bright to almost brown.
Air level - one level down from fire

I move forward slowly at first with increasing speed (this is a common feature of my journeys). There follows a sequence of changing scenes around me as I speed forward.
You are going between cells

A dark mantle of thick cloud above and the tops of white clouds below with a thin horizontal band of clear sky ahead .
Air level - high

A dark horizontal cave-roof above and a bright rock cave-floor below with a horizontal darkening cave in front into which I travel.
New portal - this time one leading down - caves always go down

A rock-strewn desert floor beneath with mountains rising each side ahead in a U-shape. I am travelling at the base of the U – the sky is very blue above.
This is hugely important symbolically – the tunnel out

A black-brown-dark green swamp below with tree stumps poking up on each side of me.

Above the sky has red bands like some dawns very exaggerated. I cruise above the swamp.
 The egg is divided into bands - the colours you see are in the order of the rainbow.  I think you are seeing the fire level.  You moved via the cave to the top air level

White hard ground below reflecting light fiercely. An enormous sand bank rising ahead and stretching  from left to right extremities. Above is a blazing sun in a blue sky.
The sun has a huge number of symbolic meanings, but given where you are this could be the disc that is the next portal.  The portal between the fire and the aether level is a sun disc

I am heading for the middle of the sand-bank and I know I will hit it. It is featureless just a rising bank of sand very high from the white ground. I try to go up and over the sand-bank but it is obvious that I am not going to gain enough height in time
There are packages of systems at every level and  this may be an ‘island’ on which a package is to be found at the air or early fire level, the creature may be a clue

I see a slight tumbling of sand down the bank from near the top – I seem to see the hind legs of some kind of small creature kicking sand back from its burrowings.
Salamander [?]symbolic of fire and air levels

It is very small and I am big. I am made even more awkward because my arms, legs, neck and even my penis point out at all angles.
 This floored me, it may be a pun they love puns - angle, star?  stars are symbolic

I head for what seems to be a small hole made by the burrower. I hit the hole at speed and everything changes.
Next portal , down again….

I am in a miasma of pale green – silent with darker green frond-like elements waving vertically. As they reach higher they become paler: they are darker whence they come. I move through these fronds until I come up against a very wide one. As I move into/onto it, it bends and forces me downwards. I slide down it like a helter-skelter.
I think you might have descended quite a way here - down the helter skelter for a new lesson.

At the bottom is an indeterminate floor of some kind. I am in a clear circle of the floor and outside this circle are lying the cylindrical objects.
So first we have a series of insights into the layout of the spiritual world - now we are back to the business in hand, water and the memory cylinder/tower.  They've left it for you in a safe place

In the middle stands a cylinder. I see arms coming round each side from behind it, crossing hands as if hugging it.
Symbolic  - probably signifies it is treasured and valued

I grasp these hands and open the arms away from the cylinder. I kick upwards and take with me the being behind the cylinder which slips down between us, being rooted to the floor. It is the woman with red hair.

At this point I try to stop the journey (I think) but cannot. The woman seems to say things to me. I try to understand and after a short incomprehension I hear “To go further you must strike me”.
 it may be another pun.  The wording is important - 'strike' like lightning - I think you have to show you have spiritual energy like Zeus with his thunderbolt.

am reluctant to do this because I find the woman beautiful and appealing. I don’t want to strike her but rather embrace her. She is pushing me away wanting me to strike her. I am in turmoil and dreading the next part of the journey. Not wishing to strike her face I turn her around and strike her buttocks as hard as I can.

 My hand does not get any impact. Instead I spin round very fast. I come to rest with the woman still there facing me
You have wasted your spiritual energy on yourself - you clearly have loads of it - use the thunderbolt!!!!!!!!!

She embraces me and we drift down into the cylinder.
As we enter from the top we are surrounded by flickering lights like a disco.
Perception replay often looks initially like an old movie film until it synchronises with your replay speed

The woman is wearing a short dress – or it could be a large shirt. Her hair is thick and she has a kind of tiara on top made from vegetation of some kind.
Greek - possibly a naiad or goddess? Greek dancers wore short shifts to dance.
[Note that in the end we decided this Intelligence is Celtic]

Her eyes are large
A tell tale sign of a spirit  - so she is not alive today, although she may have been once

and her lips dark for some reason – like very dark lipstick.
From the lyrics of a well known song

Lips like dark ink
I'm biting for you
the pain is killing me
I'm destroying 101 rules

That’s the last image I have of the journey.   This is exhausting but I am exhilarated 

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