Symbols - What does heaven look like


The Egg is divided into a series of Cones. The Mountain is yet another collection of Cells in the Matrix making up this cone.

Each ‘thing’ in the universe has a cone of energy but the Intelligences within the Egg also symbolically each have a large cone of energy, as such every tiny cone will actually touch at its apex, the cones of every Intelligence

At the bottom, our cones are often symbolised by Hills.  We may also find that we get the smaller pyramid, or ziggurat also representing a soul cone.

But what of the enormous cone at the top?  The Intelligence cone.

This is represented as a mountain and very very large mountains are especially revered for this reason – here we have a potent symbol for the Creator and Created  combined – the symbolic abode of the ‘gods

If the Mountain will not come to Mahommed, Mahommed must go to the Mountain’.

Symbolically each mountain should appear to rise spiritually from the Earth level through Water [a moat, the sea, a ditch] up through the Air to the Aether level. Its head should be in the clouds, its feet on the earth. Below, we may find Caves that tunnel below the mountain to get us to the Underworld or even Hell.

The mountains of the Creator and Created are symbolically  twin peaks



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