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Yassawi - 25 HIKMET 128



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Yassawi - 25 HIKMET 128

I will seek out, in the world, the Creator day and night,
That has been my path since I was four.

Four to seven I travelled the path, at nine I crossed the river,
From ten to twelve I released the worldly world.

Crossed three hundred and sixty waters and four hundred forty four mountains,
And drank from the divine cup, crossing the frontier.

Came to the front line, witnessed the battlefield,
Asked one hundred thousand sages, all were in Zikr.

Dived into the ocean, wandered its body's expanse,
Saw pearls in shells, and diamonds in mines.

I wandered heavenly realms; saw book, pen and throne,
I observed myself completely, everything is within.

Glimpsed my soul in Heaven, and Love in its fullness,
The complete devotion of lovers in the garden of love.

Noticing a warrior, I followed and asked my question,
All is within was the response. I left puzzled.

Was surprised and stunned,
Threw myself into longing, finding no solace.

This is the place of the nightingale, a red flower bloomed,
No simple flower this, in The flower bed.

Poor Hoja Ahmed, so your soul is the diamond and mine,
God's place is everywhere, He lives in Lamakan.

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Yassawi, Khoja Akhmet

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