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Cayce, Edgar - Meets his Higher spirit



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Not his future wife but an allegory. Interestingly the implication is that he was forging a new path, not following a path that has been made before.

A description of the experience

Edgar Cayce – Joseph Millard

[After his refusal by one girl] Edgar was badly broken up for a time and through with girls forever. A few nights later, he had a strange and vivid dream. He was walking hand in hand with a girl. Her face was hidden from him by a veil, but he knew they were deeply in love. After a time, they met a strange, winged figure who threw a cloth of gold over their clasped hands and told them, "Together you can accomplish anything; apart you can do little."

They crossed a stream and a muddy road and came to a steep cliff whose top was lost in clouds far above them. Edgar found a sharp knife and began cutting hand and footholds up the face of the cliff, pulling the girl up behind him as he climbed. They were still climbing, the top still hidden above them, when he awoke.

The dream was so real and disturbing that he was sure it must have meaning. He told his mother, who suggested an obvious interpretation.

"The girl is your real mate, who will walk with you through your life. She is veiled in the dream because you haven't seen her yet, though she is already with you in spirit. The cloth of gold must be the marriage that binds you together, and climbing the cliff by your own efforts represents the life work you will do to support your family."

"It sounds all right," Edgar admitted. "But I'm through with girls." His mother only smiled and touched her slim fingers to his cheek.

It was a dream that would recur more than fifty times during his life. With the passing years, he found himself and his companion climbing steadily higher until, in the last dreams of his life, he could see almost over the top of the cliff. But even after he met and married Gertrude, the face of his dream-mate remained hidden. Perhaps the veil was finally lifted when he drifted into his last sleep.

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Cayce, Edgar

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