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Bride and bridegroom

The Bride and Bridegroom also called The Lovers, Mystic marriage, Hieros Gamos, Chemical wedding plus a host of other synonyms is in part a symbol of having achieved balance. The act of attempting to achieve balance is usually represented by scales. 

In effect it represents the balancing of the two aspects of the mind – the Conscious male principle and the Subconscious feminine principle – see Brain split [left brain, right brain].

By balancing the two principles one has achieved a unity of character – a ‘wedding’ in which the Subconscious side [unknown but light] is united with the Conscious side [known but dark].   See Darkness and Light.  Clearly the two sides are aspects of the same person so they are simply two aspects of the same thing but by uniting, they make it possible to access the Higher spirit.

Thus by implication a Bride and Bridegroom can indicate the spiritual experience of Ecstasy and Moksha or nirvana – see Types of spiritual experience.


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