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Guru Granth – page 1107 Tukhaari chhant, First Mehl

Number 3

The ambrosial Nectar rains down on us
Its drops are so delightful
Meeting the Guru, the Best Friend, with intuitive ease
the mortal falls in love with the Lord

The Lord comes into the temple of the body
when it pleases God’s will;
the soul bride rises up
and sings his Glorious praises.

In each and every home
the husband Lord ravishes and enjoys
the happy soul brides;
so why has he forgotten me?

The sky is overcast with heavy low hanging clouds
the rain is delightful
and my Beloved’s love is pleasing
to my mind and body.

O Nanak, the Ambrosial Nectar of Gurbani rains down;
the Lord, in his grace
has come into the home of my heart

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