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van Ruysbroeck, Jan - The Three Worlds



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Roesbroeck’s interpretation of the ‘three realms’ fits in with all the other mystic systems, but from a Christian point of view may have drawn a few breaths – if it was understood at all.

The Higher spirit he terms the Christ Bridegroom.  The reason that the Higher spirit is termed a bridegroom [and thus masculine] is because his soul is feminine – the virgin bride. 

A description of the experience

Now mark with diligence; a threefold unity is found in all men by nature, and also in all good men according to a supernatural manner...........

A man who lives this life in its perfection… is often stirred by a desire to see, know and to prove what in himself this Bridegroom Christ is … he feels an unmeasured impulse to see Christ his Bridegroom and to know Him as he is in himself..........

The third and highest unity is above the comprehension of our reason and yet essentially in us.  This is that unity wherefrom we have come forth as creatures … and we are at home.........

The source of the experience

van Ruysbroeck, Jan

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