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Reducing desires

Category: Actions



Introduction and description

The reduction in our objectives seems to be one of the hardest things for people to do – well some people.  Even those on courses to teach the techniques of meditation or similar techniques for obtaining spiritual experience are often heard to say to their leader ‘what I want from this course ……….’ 

We cannot go into a spiritual experience,  saying ‘I want’, for example, ‘I want to have an out of body experience’ because you then have an objective and try to direct the proceedings – along comes your  Will, which takes over the proceedings and you are lost.


Objectives drive the Will and Reason.

Objectives, Memory, Will and Reason acting in concert, prevent spiritual experience.

This technique is a direct and relatively easy way in which to gradually pare down our ‘wants’ and ‘wish list’.



Many religions treat desires as if they are poison.  But they are not.  What we need to realise is that they just have to be controlled a little better. 

The attainment of ‘desires’ has often given me memories that I have looked back on with real happiness years after.  And objectives that are sound, useful and creative – or positive if you like – usually have nothing to do with ‘deficiency’ or ‘suffering’, which is how many religions describe the effect of desire.  Working towards these sorts of objectives can be pure joy. 

Objectives and desires are not wrong.  They are not in themselves going to stop you having a spiritual experience. There are a number of religions that try to teach a passive objective free approach to life.  But this is not helpful.

Objectives only become a hindrance when we are actually seeking a spiritual experience, during the session itself, not on a day to day basis. This is absolutely key.

The key is simplification and prioritisation, not total elimination.

Some people find this very easy, some hugely difficult.  It helps to have been brought up in an environment in which what you want does not count for very much.

Or as my Dad would have said ‘I want doesn’t get’

And it didn’t.

You do need to be fairly ruthless with yourself, paring what you think you want to the bone, so that when you do try to have a spiritual experience, there is little in the way of desires to make your Will race round and round trying to find ways of getting it for you.


This activity can be used by a person on their own, but there are methods that can be used by another person – preferably a trained hypnotherapist,  psychotherapist or other qualified honest person, which are intended to help you with this.  They use the techniques on you, you just sit back and let it happen

See Milton Erickson objective reduction.

The key steps you can use are as follows, the detail for each one is provided in the links - - so press the link to get the detail

  • Step one – List the objectives you know about - In order to be able to have a spiritual experience we have to temporarily suspend our objectives and remove them from our mind. In order to do this we have to know what our objectives are.  So the first step is to list out all the things you know you either would like to do or any states you want to reach.  Then write why you want that thing. 

  • Step two  - assess whether these are true wishes or imposed or false wishes - Once you think you have listed all your objectives it is worth reviewing them, because if you have a lot then you are going to find it darned hard to forget them for the purposes of spiritual experience.  Furthermore, you may actually benefit from the review by seeing which are the ones you really should be pursuing in life and which not.

  •  Step three – Revise the list Now use what you have done  to revise the list and keep on going through the list again and again questioning it and revising it until you come up with a more accurate list of what you do want to do and why.

  • Step four – Look for any hidden objectives -  We may now know of some of our objectives, but there can also be hidden objectives of which we know nothing.  It is exceptionally important that we tease these out, because they can suddenly appear during spiritual experience to direct the will to do quite unwanted things.

  • Step five - paring down - Too many objectives simply results in a vast list you will never achieve, which worries you, gives you no peace and totally prevents any form of spiritual experience.  By all means keep the list for a rainy day when you need something to do, but, now you need to be ruthless and pare it down and down and down

  • Step six - Prioritise and reorder

  • Step seven – produce the action plan - The purpose of the action plan is to make sure you put a plan in place to achieve the objectives.  Once you have actioned it the objective is gone and you have reduced your objectives. 

From now on you need to keep this list current and repeat the steps over and over again.  Life is about having objectives, but spiritual experience is about having the right objectives and also being in a position where they do not interfere with the process of communication with your Composer

Here is a check list to help you, fill it out then use it on an ongoing basis to make sure it is always up to date and you have made a decision about what to do




Action plan













How it works

It may be helpful to open the Model of the Mind as you read the following and to have read the generic description of How spiritual experience works.

Objectives and Reasoning go together, if you have objectives, you are always working out how to get them, and by working out how to get them on a constant basis as opposed to having a plan written down and in process, you use your Reasoning power and by doing this you block the Composer

So objectives, wishes and desires are a major block to obtaining a spiritual experience  - but only if we think about them during the session.  At other times they add purpose to our lives as long as they are not all consuming – sometimes it helps to go with the flow.

Once our minds are filled by what we want and wish, then we have blocked the Composer out. So one way of emptying our mind a little, is by both paring them down, over and over and over again and making sure we are doing something about them.

Interestingly enough , once we have examined our objectives in a more methodical way and questioned them properly, they often disappear. 



  • Very effective
  • Used and proven in numerous systems


  • Hard for someone with a strong ego or active mind – very hard
  • Not so hard for a peaceful reclusive type of person – but still not easy


It worked for Buddha, it worked for Jesus, it is there in the I Ching …………

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