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Dandamis - We love God and have no fear of death; you love gold, kill people, fear death and despise God



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Dandamis was a Brahmin, philosopher, Swami and a gymnosophist, whom Alexander encountered in the woods near Taxila, when he invaded India in 3rd or 4th Century B.C. Dandamis was the name mentioned by the Greeks but his real name was Dandi or Dandi-Swami. He is also referred to as Mandanes.

When Alexander met some gymnosophists, who were of trouble to him. He came to know that their leader was Dandamis, who lived in jungle, lying naked on leaves, near a water spring.

He then sent Onescratus to bring Dandamis to him. When Onescratus encountered Dandamis in forest, he gave him the message, that Alexander, the Great son of Zeus, has ordered him to come to him. He will give you gold and other rewards but if you refuse, he may behead you.

When Dandamis heard that, he did not even raise his head and replied lying in his bed of leaves. God the Great King, is not a source of violence but provider of water, food, light and life. Your king cannot be a God, who loves violence and who is mortal. Even if you take away my head, you cannot take away my soul, which will depart to my God and leave this body like we throw away old garment. We, Brahmins do not love gold nor fear death. So your king has nothing to offer, which I may need. Go and tell your King : Dandamis, therefore, will not come to you. If he needs Dandamis, he must come to me.

When Alexander, came to know what Dandamis' reply, he went to forest to meet Dandamis. Alexander sat before him in forest for more than an hour. When Dandamis asked him, why he has come to him because - I have nothing to offer you. Because we have no thought of pleasure or gold, we love God and despise death, whereas you love pleasure, gold and kill people, you fear death and despise God.

Alexander, informed that I heard your name from Calanus and have come to learn wisdom from you. The conversation that followed between them is recorded by Greeks as Alexander-Dandamis colloquy.

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The rich should not presume in his riches, nor the poor despond in his poverty; for the providence of God gives happiness to both of them - and the distribution of happiness between them is more equally divided than the fool would believe.................

Do not envy the appearance of happiness in any man, for you do not know his secret griefs

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