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Reducing threats

Category: Actions


Involuntary and voluntary

Introduction and description

A Threat is a Perception received from our 5 senses or the Nervous system or the Autonomic system which we associate with pain [both emotional and physical].  

It may also be a Memory that is triggered by a Perception – thus one Perception triggers a Memory that is painful.  [Note that there may be a bit of an overlap here with techniques to help with the Memory, but this is no bad thing].  In contrast to the Opportunity which we associate with pleasure, a Threat can be a threat to our survival or our very existence, or it can be a Threat to our happiness. 

As time has progressed, we have become, in the west at least, more creatures that respond to Threats to our happiness and Objectives, simply because our culture has ensured our survival is threatened less; now we have good food, good housing, warmth and decent healthcare; but there are still of course many countries that have not managed to put systems in place to help themselves here, so their Threats are still the old threats.

So what can give us pain?

Every day a man may have to pay maintenance to a wife who left him for another man.  Every day we may be put in the position of having to do a job we dislike simply to be able to survive.  Or we may be married to the wrong person but feel an obligation not to hurt them by leaving them.   Threats may be too many to mention – threats from our jobs, our colleagues at work, competition, other women chasing after our husbands [or vice versa], and money – lack of money, loss of  money, money management. 

Unfulfilled Desire can in its own odd way also cause pain.  If we look back on a life in which many of the things we had wanted to do have been thwarted, then pain results. 

Thus pain is simply a pointer that one or even many of these things are standing in your way, getting in the way of your Composer.

In effect, all this lingering pain - pain from the Threats, stay and stay and stay, interfering the whole time and drawing the mind away, so that the Composer has no chance of ever getting a look in.  We are never at peace.

We have to work to reduce the Threats on a permanent basis.



The part of us that deals with Perceptions is the Subconscious and it is the Subconscious that experiences the pain and generates the Emotions that go with it.

The Subconscious is often called the feminine side, but it is more correctly a child.  It is far kinder to you and this little child that lives within you to try to reduce the threats, and treat it very very gently.

Constantly batting this little being on the head and telling it there is nothing wrong when there clearly is, is not a good strategy.  Instead we have to use a different strategy.

We are going to make friends with it by understanding why it feels threatened and dealing with those Threats.  You are going to love your little inner child.

By loving it, and helping it, it becomes calm and at peace.  And once it is calm and at peace, it will send no more messages to the Will complaining.  And the Will will gradually lower its activity until it is doing barely nothing.  And the Composer can take over.


The following all help to reduce threats: 

But I am afraid our life can throw many more Threats than these.  These are just known working solutions to a few small categories of threats, we now need to tackle the rest! And the way to do this is via 

All the above techniques can be used by a person on their own, but there are techniques that can be used by another person – preferably a trained hypnotherapist,  psychotherapist or other qualified honest person, which are intended to help you feel that there are no threats.  They use the techniques on you, you just sit back and let it happen.  For a description of these methods see 

How it works

It may help here to have open the Model of the Mind and to have read the generic description of How spiritual experience is obtained.

Threats are used by a number of other functions – the Emotions, the Reasoning system, the functions of MemoryMemory recall and Learning  as well as the Will directly.  Any decrease in the number of Threats will serve to slow down and decrease the activity in these functions, thereby reducing the input aimed at the Will.  Eventually the Will is starved of input until it gives in, thereby allowing the Composer to work.



  • Legal
  • Safe
  • Extraordinarily effective
  • Has positive knock on effects – people like coming to see you
  • It tends to produce peace of mind and feelings of love from elsewhere, no visions or hallucinations just peace
  • It is free
  • The road to nirvana


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