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Steiner, Rudolf - Nature spirits - Lunar Pitris



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Despite the fact that Steiner was brought up as a Christian, he never mentionned God.  In general he only ever spoke and wrote of what he had experienced.  But he had clearly met Intelligences or ‘angels’ and spirit beings.  Of equal importance is his experience that the Intelligences are formed of both constructive and destructive powers. 

A description of the experience

Rudolf Steiner – Gnomes, Undines, Sylphs and Salamanders 190

Those beings, for instance, whom we call Lunar Pitris, or angels in Christian esotericism, possess no coarse bodily nature perceptible to the senses.  They passed through the stage of humanity.... and have now ascended higher …. they have developed the higher members of spirit not yet possessed by man.


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Steiner, Rudolf

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