Illnesses and disabilities


There are very many different types of people in the world.  Some are a bit manic, some are a bit depressive, some are happy, some sad.  The medical community classify us and other people classify us, and if we don't seem to be the same as them, we might be classified as 'abnormal'.  But no one is 'normal', a sane man does not exist. 

It is a dangerous classification - sane and insane.  One of the members of my husband's family spent her entire life in an institution, because childbirth resulted in a nervous breakdown. We are too quick to judge and too slow to help.

Sometimes institutions refer to someone as insane when they don't obey the rules. Religions of the past have said that a person is mad, when that person does not believe in the same things as they do.  In totalitarian states, this is a relatively normal occurrence.   And of course someone who doesn't believe in what those in power want us to believe, has to be 'treated'.  And the treatments of the past [and now] are barbaric.

This section is for all those who are actually not unhappy with the way they are and their families are not unhappy with the way they are either.  The families might appreciate a bit of help in looking after the person, but the person is not 'sick', they are different and the difference may be extremely important in the scheme of things. 

Someone who is in the box cannot think out of it. 

Note that in many cases the difference is caused by having an abnormal brain configuration, a condition I have shortened to 'brain damage', even though the effect may be positive. 

In some cases, a condition can be found in both this and the overload section, simply because the same condition can be 'hell' or 'heaven'.  It might be added that the majority of so called psychotic experiences of people on this site appear to be caused by doctor prescribed medication - pharmaceuticals.

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