The medicines in the suppression section are not based on manufactured pharmaceuticals. 

All are intended to be healing medicines and are based on either plants [not extraction from plants, the plants themselves]  or other natural products.

Foods are also a form of medicine, but whereas foods are used to maintain balance or adjust it back into balance very slightly, medicines are usually for use on a very infrequent basis to get us back into balance when we have been severely attacked by pathogens.  Thus they may only be used once, or for a short time, whereas food is used regularly and actually has the dual role of sustenance and continual healing.

This is the basic difference between a true medicine and just another pharmaceutical.  You should not have to keep on taking them.  If they heal, they heal.  If they don't heal, why are you taking them?

The medicines here have been chosen because they have been seen to alleviate symptoms or eliminate the cause of the illness. 

Please note that all the Natural chemicals have now been given their own section to make them easier to find - so you will find the Vitamins, Minerals and Amino acids etc in this section.


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