Natural Chemicals

Natural Chemicals

Photo by Brent McGregor

There are literally thousands and thousands of chemicals within plants and animals. 

We are made of chemicals. 

There are the Vitamins, the Minerals and the Amino acids.  There are the essential Fatty acids as well as useful groups of chemicals that serve very specific purposes in plants and animals such as the Phenols or Phytoestrogens.

'Nature' constructed an integrated system, everything has a purpose, everything fits together like a beautiful white glove, which rather begs the question why are we creating so many man-made drugs?  We have no need of them and furthermore from what we can now tell on the site, not only do they not work, but they appear to cause serious side-effects in most people, including hallucinations and death.

Some of the 'pharmaceuticals' we use were constructed by extracting a chemical from a plant, like aspirin.   A chemical from Nature is far more likely to be accepted by the body, even if it has no role.  So we advocate going back to Nature. 

The ideal is to use the medicines we have in the Suppression section.  But if the combination of chemicals in that plant may cause harm, then extraction may be an alternative solution.

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