An activity is the means by which spiritual experience can be obtained.  Only activities which have observations are included on this site.  In other words have worked!  There are four main types of activity

Actions - something you deliberately do or which has been specifically invented to obtain a spiritual experience

Events -  something that happened to a person which has produced a spiritual experience, which was not for the purpose of spiritual experience so it was involuntary .  An example might be ‘childbirth’ or car accident.

Food - and drink, something a person ate or drank or otherwise ingested that had an effect eg drinking absinthe.  Note that this could be deliberately or accidentally

Illnesses or disabilities - a temporary illness or permanent or semi permanent disability that has produced spiritual experiences eg migraine

Medicines - any pharmaceuticals or other types of medicine, for example, vitamin tablets or cold remedies or nasal sprays that have resulted in spiritual experiences

These are divided into two groups - overload and suppression - which groups them according to how they work.  To understand this classification you need to have read 'How to get to heaven'

 see also overload or suppression.