photo by Jaroslav Monchak

Eating good wholesome food, organically produced, provides its own form of spiritual experience - bliss and peace! 

But we want to promote the idea of eating for health on the website too. 

In other words we use what Nature has so kindly provided in plants [and Mums] to help us heal. 

Some of the most delicious foods also contain a host of minerals and vitamins essential to our health.  The humble tomato, for example, is chock a block full of goodness and boosts the immune system by providing it with the 'fuel' it needs.  There are plants like liquorice that are anti-viral, carrots have anti-bacterial action, anise is an anti-fungal. 

If you have an illness, then you should look up the illness on the site and there are suggestions for healing foods and plants which link to this section.  If you are just interested in a plant and what it can do for you then you can use this section directly. 

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