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Zoroastrian - Means of achieving spiritual experience - 06 Reducing threats



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Although one can accept the necessary existence of apparent evil, as a means of advancing the evolution of the universe, threats – evil done to a person – pose a real problem.  They inhibit spiritual experience and as a consequence actually hold back creativity and the evolutionary potential.  A difficult dilemma.

Thus although the conflict between love and hate creates change, in theory, moves the universe forward, it can in practise paralyse it, because, put simply a frightened threatened person is not necessarily a very creative person.

It was to Zoroaster that the mystic movement now turned to tackle the issue of threats, and Zoroaster launched in with a will against injustice, theft, every form of threat imaginable.  His Hymns encompass various aspects of this.  All the Hymns are provided on the site – all 17, but we have taken a different translation to demonstrate a small part of this threat reducing aspect.

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Yasna 28

1. In humble adoration, with hands outstretched I pray to Thee, O Mazda! First of all, through Thy Holy spirit vouchsafe to me All righteousness of action, all wisdom of the Good Mind, That I may thereby bring joy to the Soul of Creation.

2. O Wise Lord, by virtue of the Good Mind, may I reach Thy Presence. Grant me the blessings in both worlds, the corporeal and the spiritual, attainable through Righteousness; Thy rewards which bring beatific happiness to the faithful blessed with them.

3. As never before, I shall weave my songs for Thee, O Mazda Ahura, And for Thee, O Spirits of Truth and the Good Mind, Then, shall Armaity, the Spirit of Benevolence, make the imperishable Dominion of Heaven flourish. For that perfection, come ye all to my invocations.

4. I shall take the awakened soul to the exalted abode with the help of the Good Mind; Knowing the blissful rewards of the Wise Lord for righteous deeds; As long as i have power and am able, I shall teach all to seek for Truth and Right.

5. O Asha, equipped with the knowledge of Truth and Righteousness, When shall I see Thee, and Vohu-Mana too! And through that Inspiration (Sraosha), when shall I be in the presence of the Most Beneficent Mazda! With the proclamation of these sacred words shall we make the evil ones turn toward Thee O Holy Mazda!

6. Come, O Eternal Wise Spirit, through the Good Mind, With the long lasting gift of Righteousness vouchsafed in Thy sublime words. Grant unto Zarathushtra, and to us all Thy gracious help, O Ahura, Whereby we may overcome the evil of wrong-doers.

7. Grant me, O Truth, the blessing which is the fruit of the Good Mind. Grant me, O Piety, to me and to Vishtaspa, our desire for effectiveness, And grant, O Mazda, sovereign Lord,

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