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Turvey, Vincent – The beginnings of Seership – Experiments with an actor



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(No. 2.)

Feb. 29, 1904


In reply to your question as to my remembering your having correctly foretold the past and future in connection with an actor. He was introduced to us about, I believe, in May, 1902, at _ I beg to state I distinctly remember the coincidence, and, to the best of my belief, the conversation ran in this way:-The actor asked you to try if you could tell him anything of his past and of his life. Without any hesitation you immediately replied,

"Yes; three years ago you were at Scarborough, and whilst there you lost some papers of value only to yourself."

He replied, "Quite right."

He then asked if you could tell him anything of what he had been doing during that day- You said, "Yes, you have been to Scotland Yard in a new hansom cab with blue wheels, and you have inquired there as to the whereabouts of a certain man whose name and appearance was known to you. They answered you that, to the best of their belief the man was in Buenos Ayres,"

The actor replied that this was quite correct.

You then said to the actor, ”I don't believe the Scotland Yard authorities are correct, and if you will go to the 'Angel,' at Islington, you will find the man there. "

As the actor did not believe this, he remained seated for some twenty minutes; he then, however, altered his determination, and was driven to the "Angel," Islington, arranging to meet you the next evening and tell you the result of his inquiries.

The next evening you met him about the same place and time, and he (the actor) informed you that when he got to the "Angel," Islington, the previous evening the man had left the house about half an hour previously, showing that at the time you said the man was at the "Angel," Islington, he was actually there.

The actor then asked you if you could inform him where the man was then; you said, "In about three days' time, if you will go to B- to the office of Mr.-, the solicitor, you will find the man there, endeavouring to sell or make use of the papers that you have lost." some four or five days after this we again met the actor, and he informed us that the events that you had foretold had happened, and also beg to state that I have seen the original letter from this actor to you distinctly stating all the above occurrences, and to the best of my belief this letter was destroyed on your leaving this office through ill-health.

Yours truly,

J.S R-.

Unfortunately I could not verify the statements of the actor, as he seemed to be unwilling to discuss the particulars of the case. So I offer the letter for what it is worth!

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Turvey, Vincent N

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