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Inherited genes

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Introduction and description

Whether you can or cannot have a spiritual experience can depend on how your brain is configured [see Brain and its functions] and since brain configuration is inherited there is every reason to accept the beliefs of our ancestors, that the ability to have spiritual experiences is inherited.    Furthermore it seems to be born out in practise by the observations – there are a lot of observations on this website where there is no ‘cause’ of the experiences other than the fact that the person’s mother or father or grandparents had the same capability.


At one time, when societies were shamanic there was simple acceptance and understanding  that being able to have spiritual experiences ran in families.  From this knowledge came the long line of first, priestly hierarchies based on family Shamans and then kingly hierarchies, which by the time kings and queens came along had probably lost most of their spiritual power by too much gene mixing.  But we can see why royal families tended to marry other royal families – the aim was to preserve the shamanic capability [as well of course as making alliances and forming larger power blocks].


Even in early medieval times, power within Europe was vested in shamanic hierarchies – those who could affect the weather, or heal or prophecy.  King Canute was a shaman.  The whole Egyptian hierarchy of rulers was based on shamanic lines and spiritual capabilities. 

At one time the importance of spiritual experience was recognised within the Jewish religion by their practise of naming families and the family line in the Bible – and ‘Minor beget Morris and Morris beget Austin’ [joke sorry] and so on.  The Bible was really a shamanic history with its record of experiences, their interpretation and the lines of shamanic knowledge.  This was why great pains were taken to show Jesus’s lineage – he came from a line of shamans.

Many of the Greek ‘gods’ were actually shamans.  In the rather confusing picture that is the Greek system, we see some Spirit Entities that have never become physical and some which have, and those which have are revered in the system as shamans of great power  - gods - with a specific genealogy written in myth and legend.

The nations of Africa take this inherited ability extremely seriously and single out children whose heritage makes them special,  training them from an early age.  Native American Indians do or did the same thing, so did the Australian Aborigines and the Siberian shamanic cultures,   Polynesian Kahuna society, Celts and Norse societies.  Potential shamans were often the children of shamans or were one generation removed with grandparents who had been shamans and the initiation the children went through started at a very early age. 

On this website Vusamuzulu Credo Muttwa, Ogotemmeli, many of the people described by Mircea Eliade,  the observations from the groups of people above and a few Observer 771 people have inherited ability, they are just naturally gifted.  I have provided a number of other examples.


How do you know if you have the right genes?  Here are some suggestions

Rebirth as an indicator - If you have been through any form of rebirth experience the chances are that you have inherited genes.  I do not know why this is the case, but the pattern seems to be clear.

Allergies as an indicator - They may have allergies galore – anything that even smacks of chemicals that nature did not provide can cause eczema, irritation, blocked nose, psoriasis and headaches  – soap, shampoo, deodorants, air fresheners, fabric softeners, washing powder all can hurt. 

Dr Shafica Karagulla
I found that a number of sensitives are extremely allergic to drugs, some have to wear medical disks stating they are allergic to many drugs and antibiotics, even small doses of a drug can produce the same effect that a much larger dose has on other people.  I have observed that antihistamines in particular completely inhibit their skills.

Anything outside the food diet I have specified [Dietary moderation] causes problems. They can get a rash from a curry and a headache from black pepper

Illness as an indicator – people with this gift are usually not healthy people.  Being able to access numerous energy levels mentally takes its toll.  Aldous Huxley described the group as ‘barely viable’ as human beings.  In one of the more ironic aspects of this, a person able to heal others may be totally unable to help themselves.

The people who are gifted with this ability are often extremely sensitive – both emotionally and physically.  They can feel things others would not be able to both mentally and physically.  When they get pain, they really are in pain and when bliss comes long it is utter bliss.

They get colds and flu easily and suffer from chest problems – wheeziness and shortness of breath.  They can get terrible stomach pains, diarrhoea or constipation for no apparent reason. 

Sensitivity to magnetic fields as an indicator - some people with inherited ability are extremely sensitive to magnetic fields including that of the earth itself.

Dr Shafica Karagulla
A few of my subjects had to sleep in a north south position to be comfortable.  A number got headaches if they slept in an east west position

Odd side effects -  Here are some more odd but common signs of inherited ability and common side effects of the spiritual experience you get

Trauma as a trigger – you may never realise that genetically you are able to access the spiritual world until an overload event comes along.  So you have a car accident or a traumatic love affair, or lose your job or someone you love.  One or more of the events in the list I have provided occurs and lo and behold you are suddenly able to have spiritual experiences without any difficulty at all.  It is as if particular kinds of trauma kick the figurative spiritual door open.

Having a “Greek foot” – a term derived from ancient mythology – originally referred to goddesses with longer second toes which was symbolic of their male powers.  Now anyone with a longer second toe than the big toe may have the right inherited genes.

Lighting sensitivity - It appears to be known amongst healers in particular and the scientists who have studied the gifted, that fluorescent lighting really disturbs people with these gifts, causing headaches, feelings of sickness and completely upsetting the abilities the person has.  If you feel very unhappy in a room with this kind of lighting it may be an indicator 

Family history as an indicator - ask your parents, siblings and your grandparents if they had any abilities or experiences or a history which points to spiritual ability

Childhood ‘friends’ – if you could see and communicate with invisible ‘friends’ as a child, there is a high likelihood that you have genetic capability

Compiling a family tree - You need to compile your family tree from both sides of the family – your father’s and your mother’s, to see if there is anything in the tree that points to shamanic activity – healers – homeopathic medicine, artistic ability, ability to prophesy etc.  My husband’s family for example were very early Quakers, so there is a high likelihood that he has the genes somewhere.  My family can be traced back to Denmark and a strong line of shamanic peoples, though I doubt that I have much of this .

National geographic genome project - One of the very useful recent resources that has emerged is genomic testing.  At one time the National geographic genome project  [now ended] provided people with the ability to be able to research their genetic history – and it needs to be your genetic history here as it is your genes we are following.  This too can be used to see if you belong to any special shamanic groups with known capability.

You send in a sample of your DNA using cheek scrapings and what comes back is your genetic history.  You get a map and an indicator of your roots.  To give you an idea, I am haplogroup U5 and this was my ancestor’s route.  My ancestors actually ended up in a subgroup in Finland amongst the Sami peoples, all very exciting for me.

Research your surname and its meanings - Use your surname as the clue, surnames often describe “Totem groups”. 

Smiths and blacksmiths are of especial importance in the spiritual world – see also the Smith.

Anyone with animal names for a surname for example Fox or Bear or Raven or Crow, is likely to have very strong shamanic roots, as at one time shamans adopted animal personas or animals as their spirit guides and totem group signs.  My own genetic group the Sami still practise shamanism and their totem group was based on the Bear.  Remember that your name will be based on the name of that thing in your country of origin

The name Cole or Coleman is an indicator – see Old King Cole

Scottish and Irish clan names are also indicators of shamanic roots and possible capabilities.  O'Shaman would be a real give-away.  Not all clan names start with ‘Mc’.  Munro for example is a very ancient clan name which has been adapted as the peoples spread geographically, to Monroe and Munroe.  Marilyn Monroe and Robert Monroe are probably of the clan Munro.

Any name which has its own symbolic meaning, especially the very key symbolic terms such as Earth or Water or Air or Fire or derivatives of them.  Thus you may not be called Mrs Water, but you may be called Mrs Low, which might once have been L’Eau and thus ‘of the water’ .  And we have Neumann, which may have once been Pneu man – or air man, or Terman – Terre man and so on.  To take my own group the Sami, the symbol of the tree of life ‘that reached up to the North star’ was called stytto.  So any corruption of this name might indicate shamanic roots.  Names with Cross in them [as a symbol] would also be indicative.  Vercruz, veracruz, LaCroix, etc

Place names are also key if you have the name of a place which is known as a key site of shamanic or ancient peoples.  For example one Sami place name is Jiellevárri, Váhir or Gällivare from which the name Gulliver might have come.

If you have the surname of any of the old gods and goddesses then this too may be an indicator of genetic capabilities. To take my own group the Sami, there is a thunder god called Tiermes, sometimes called Horagalles. Radien or Vearalden was a sky-ruling god.  So any corruption of this name for example Radin or Veralden might indicate a genetic spiritual link.

How it works

See the Brain and its functions.  It is quite probably that you have inherited a brain that is just right for spiritual experience.

The Model of spiritual experience and the section How spiritual experience works provides you with a generic description

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