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Gelder Kunz, Dora van - Fluorite flows with sound



Type of Spiritual Experience


All physical things have spirit beings responsible for them even minerals and chemicals as you can see if you look at people who met the beings of pharmaceuticals.  It is possible via the links with those beings  [inter composer communication] to obtain information about the templates of the things themselves - auras and templates being in a sense synonymous in this case.

If you are a gifted healer as Dora was [called Diane in this observation] your composer will present the information as an image.  There is some synaesthesia going on here as everything does emit energy and this energy can be sensed and converted via the body to sensations which may then be converted to images, but in the majority of cases with objects like these crystals, the information is being passed between composers [as far as I can tell from the other observations]

The fact that the energy is affected by the crystal being struck shows that it is physical energy being 'seen'

A description of the experience

Breakthrough to Creativity – Dr Shafica Karagulla

I next used a fluorite crystal, octahedron in form and about one and a half inches across.  When Diane looked at this crystal, she described an energy pattern which corresponded exactly to the description she had given in the case of other fluorite crystals. She is not familiar with chemistry and did not know what the chemical composition of the crystal was. When the crystal was struck several times, there was a change in the speed of the flow of energy as it moved out from the centre and back again to the centre. The whole rhythm of the pattern appeared to be changed.

The energy seemed to move faster and to be somehow more intensified.  The effect was more noticeable at the points on the periphery than at the centre of the crystal and more effect on those points at right angles to the direction of the blows

The source of the experience

Gelder Kunz, Dora van

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