Does heaven exist? With well over 100,000 plus recorded and described spiritual experiences collected over 15 years, to base the answer on, science can now categorically say yes. Furthermore, you can see the evidence for free on the website allaboutheaven.org.

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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Spiritual concepts

Substance guide communication

Each type of thing has a Spirit being, thus potentially the scope for communicating with the spirits of substances is enormous.  If we can ingest it, or rub it on our skin, or somehow form a bridge, we have the link.

Even if one thing cannot be ingested or used, some other thing in the same family may provide access.  The information available to our composer via the substance spirit is limited to what can be accessed from that substance spirit/being.  A plant may have access to any number of plants functions – both of its family and at ‘higher levels’, generic plant functions.
But it will probably not have access to the functions of an animal or a reptile or an insect – and vice versa.

It is the link between processes and substances that provide the channels used for communication.  Thus if a living creature is made from something which is common to several other things, then that can be the link that takes you into the system of the other things.  For example

Bill Bryson – A Short History of Nearly Everything
Structurally fungi have more in common with animals in that they build their cells from chitin, a material that gives them their distinctive texture.  The same substance is used to make the shells of insects and the claws of mammals

Spirit being 'personalities'

Every drug, pharmaceutical or food appears to have not only its unique effects, but it is as if there is really a ‘substance director’ or creator behind the scenes making the dream or vision which is then passed on to your composer

Each substance director has a different 'personality' and will construct different sorts of effects, depending on how it feels about you what you need and your attitude.  It appears to be helpful to be humble!

Indigenous peoples using drugs very often speak of the 'spirit of a plant' meaning that by taking a substance they invoke the spirit of the substance - the Spirit being -  mischievous, dangerous, sly and so on. 

By taking the plant or substance you have in effect evoked the 'fairy' or 'elf 'or similar being that is responsible for that plant and thus come into contact with the plant’s composer function,  who may or may not be co-operative and helpful.

In reading the observations, the differences between substances not only could be perceived between species of plant, but between synthetic extracts from the plant as opposed to the plant itself.  Thus manufactured mescaline has different effects from peyotl, on which it is based.  Peyotl contains six alkaloids, whereas mescaline only has one and people like Henri Michaux, for example, indicated that mescaline was more like a robot in comparison with Peyotl.  Hashish on the other hand being a plant based substance showed far less robotic tendencies.

Dosage also has an effect on the type of substance spirit helper you conjure up. 

The Eagles - "Bitter Creek"
Oh peyote/She tried to show me/You know there ain't no cause to weep/at Bitter Creek."

The evil of man-made spirit beings

Perhaps one aspect I found quite disturbing was the nature of Spirit beings that seemed to be accessible via entirely man made drugs.  They seemed almost universally to be ‘unpleasant’ – evil in the true sense of the word.  

Communication with Spirit beings is, on the whole, a very dangerous undertaking.  All spirit entities consider themselves vastly superior to us [and are].  But whereas those in the celestial hierarchy have a tendency towards benevolence, those in the terrestrial hierarchy do not.

You will see from the observations that many substance guides both suck the energy from people in a form of possession, but once there are extremely difficult to dislodge, even if you have no more of the substance in you.

Daniel Pinchbeck, for example, had very severe difficulties following his experience of DPT ingestion, and in getting rid of the Spirit being he had invoked, he eventually had to undergo a form of ‘exorcism’, which you will see from the observation for him were ritualistic in nature, but clearly invoked software processes in Pinchbeck that ‘fought off’ the ‘demon’ he had invoked.

I found no observations where a man made substance produced ‘nice’ spirit helpers.

Asking for help

There is one activity that guarantees more benign treatment from a Spirit being and that is if your intention is clear and its purpose is to seek help.  It is possible, for example, to ask a spirit helper about the plant or substance and to ask it about other substances to which it is able to gain access.  This, incidentally could prove inordinately helpful in future research.  For example

Daniel Pinchbeck
.......three European molecular biologists recently visited an Amazonian shaman.  During their trances they attempted to ask direct questions of the ayahuasca spirit, relating to their area of research.  All received answers to their queries.  For example, one genetic researcher found herself transformed into a protein flying above a long DNA strand and was able in this way to understand the meaning of certain patterns in what had previously  been considered 'junk DNA' [his words not mine].  All of the biologists were intrigued by what they found and two of three felt they had communicated with an 'independent intelligence’

This is how the Spirit beings are used in shamanic societies where the functions and properties of plants are revealed in various ways to help the shaman.  In marvelling at the plant knowledge of shamanic cultures we must thus be aware that they have been helped.  If we simply take the drug ayuahasca as an example

Jeremy Narby
So here are people without electron microscopes who choose, among some 80,000 Amazonian plant species, the leaves of a bush containing substances that inactivate an enzyme of the digestive tract, which would otherwise block the hallucinogenic effect

The Ashaninca Indians in South America call spirit beings Maninkari.  They are the spirit beings who are found in animals, mountains, plants, streams, lakes and certain crystals

Carlos Perez Shuma
The maninkari taught us how to spin and weave cotton and how to make clothes.  Before our ancestors lived naked in the forest.  Who else could have taught us to weave?

Well, of course the answer may well be that they discovered it for themselves, but the story shouldn't be dismissed because maninkari meaning  'those who are hidden' can be seen by ingesting tobacco and ayahuasca.

One intriguing aspect about substance guides is that it appears that a knowledgeable [or perhaps one should say wise] person is able to ‘go back’ and find the same spirit being and thus resume communication, as long as the objective is to gain help. 


It is via inter composer communication that the concept of communication and healing coincide.  Shamans state that each individual plant cannot communicate anything other than its state, but that the plants' ‘ruling spirits’ - the plant’s spirit being - can do more.  Shamanic tradition describes how the spirits of the plants and life forms explain to them the properties of plants.  The shaman can use the spirits of plants to help him find a cure; perhaps the spirits of many plants co-operate to suggest a cure.  It may be that spirits also co-operate so that the strength of one spirit boosts that of another at times of crisis.

In summary

  • First - Every substance has its own spirit being, which is in effect summoned whenever you use that substance. 
  • Second - Each substance spirit being has its own ‘character’ and the character of the natural plant based ones is far more benign than the character of the man-made substances which can verge on the very very unpleasant – in fact downright evil.
  • Third - It is possible to ask a spirit helper about the plant or substance and to ask it about other substances to which it is able to gain access.  This, incidentally could prove inordinately helpful in future research
  • Fourth -  The dosage of a drug/plant may help to determine the nature and number of the spirit helpers you get with the substance
  • Fifth - Spirit helpers can invoke the help of other spirit helpers – spirit helpers can access the same ‘family’ and other ‘families’.  To put this another way, if we use toad excretions, we get access to the spirit helpers in the amphibian category and may be able to access the spirit helpers of fish, reptiles and so on as well. 
  • Six - If no substances are used, thus fasting, a person will access ‘human’ based spirit helpers only – angels, gods, goddesses and so on.  Thus the ‘family’ if you like of spirit helpers based on the human family tree. 

 Finally, one observation that indicates it is not a good idea to mix your substances, too many competing spirit helpers…

Bob Dylan
An' like a fool I mixed them up
An' it scrambled my mind
An' now people just get uglier
An' I have no sense of time



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