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Green porcupine



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The post comes from a website that helps people with odd problems this post was on the section  http://www.wisegeek.org/what-are-hypnagogic-hallucinations.htm

Either medication or something he ate.

Possibly False awakening too

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I had these about three or four times last night. It would be around 30-40 minutes into me starting to fall asleep, as in I was no longer completely conscious and then my eyes would ease open and I'd see these white, luminous puff balls floating on my ceiling.

It scared me so much that I ran out of my room into the bathroom where there was light.

Then I changed rooms and went to sleep in the living room, and as I was falling asleep I'd hear noises of something other than my dog moving. Then 30 minutes in, when I suddenly opened my eyes, I saw this green porcupine like creature treading towards me in the darkness.

It was really vivid for a moment, then it disappeared completely, so I tried to fall asleep again in a different position and 30-40 minutes later my eyes opened again and I see this luminous light on the tv screen.

For a minute I was thinking maybe my house was haunted, but I've lived here two years now and I even know the original owners, so it didn't really make a lot of sense. It all just really messed up my sleep.

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