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I have hallucinations associated with narcolepsy. They started when I was 29 in the form of someone sitting on my bed or a cat walking on my bed.

They stopped for a few years and then came back much stronger and darker.

Demonic creatures rapidly running over me in an overwhelming stampede, or I had sex dreams where the faceless entity turned into a demon or snakes in my mattress and in my comforter or the feeling that something was trying to pull me off my bed by my feet. I fought against it at first. I would say the Lord's Prayer, but nothing happened. I would have to struggle to pull myself out of the paralytic state and wake up fully. When I got back to sleep, it would come back until finally, I was able to fall asleep.

Many narcoleptics are also lucid dreamers, I have found. I believe there is a direct connection.

When I decided to utilize my lucid dreaming ability, I "gave in" to the force trying to pull me off the bed and it took me floating outside my room into the air. Nothing scary.

 I began to realize that these hallucinations could not hurt me and it changed the nature of them.

Although some of them were fun, I rejected the sexual dreams when they started or tried to change the nature of them to something meaningful, like an embrace or a genuine connection.

For me, that was when the demonic hallucinations stopped. I think I subconsciously felt guilty and shifted the nature of the hallucinations to a spiritual one.

Now I still have them, but they've taken on a more pleasant tone. In a recurring one, my feet began to feel as if there was pressure being applied and it turns into a foot massage or a full body massage. After a long work day, those come in handy.

You may find that drinking coffee right before bed may lead to more intense hallucinations. For me, fast food leads to darker hallucinations, so I have cleaned out my diet.

In general, you want to exercise, eat right, and pursue your interests.

By being "whole" in that sense, you can at the very least change the nature of these hallucinations.


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