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Michaux, Henri - The Name is Everything



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Lyall Watson – The Nature of things
Naming is a powerful and magical act. It gives each thing a ‘handle’ and a status quite independent of its function

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 Henri Michaux – Miserable Miracle Mescaline

The Huichols, the Tarahumaras, and many other Mexican tribes were formerly in the habit of coming together for the same mental pabulum. Or was it the same? They sought a god seeking the Peyotl, and the other gods, incited by the solemnity of the sacramental act, were never far off. The gods of volcanoes, of fire, of harvests, of rain, the god of the stars and of the Universe. It was enough for an Indian to pronounce the name of the god he worshipped, for the god, by order of the word, to appear.

What we learn in demonology seems now quite clear: that the name is everything. Here verified.

The demon, once called, even if he does not exist, will appear to anyone who, being in the second state, has had the imprudence or the audacity of pronouncing his name (no matter whether the trance comes from religious exhaltation, through the dance, or as practised in all parts of the world according to ritual, simply from having first chewed a few datura leaves, or the flowering tips of Indian hemp.

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Michaux, Henri

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