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Stead, William - part 11 - Meets the spirit being of the glue



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My total attention had been focussed on the many occurrences going on around me at the time. All of my presence was encapsulated within this environment, which proved to be fascinating. Until that point there had been no concern about anything seen, or the fact that some part of me inhabited another space. For some reason that was totally unknown I began to feel uneasy. This happened suddenly, and nothing could be detected which should cause this to be so. Carrying on up the road it grew to such a point that I could not concentrate on anything going around me just then. It became such a strong sense that I eventually found it impossible continuing through this setting. Pulling back the sheets my concern switched from the bed to the dormitory, wondering if there was anything that could account for this uncanny sensation. I did not have to look very far to find the answer to my problems. All the changes stopped, and it had returned back to a normal bedroom. I only noticed this however for a few seconds, as there was something else in the room looking at me. Standing by the doorway was a being not from this earth.

With my many experiences through the use of glue, from the beginning until this time I had witnessed numerous events, settings, and people. In all of these cases I had never accepted the subject matters being alive, in the same context as life that is known to me. They had been visions, copies or representations. Even the more extreme times, such as the boy drowning in the fast flowing river became a depiction of an event. This however was in no way, the same as any of these. I was looking at a life form that could not be mistaken as a fabrication. It was formed in a similar way to the human shape, being at an estimate five feet six tall. My judgements of its size came from seeing it standing within the doorway. Its colour was green, with a larger than normal head in comparison to the body. I could not see ears as one overwhelming part of the face caught my total attention that was the eyes. Everything else became unimportant after staring into those. They held within their gaze intelligence, which seemed so overpowering, I could not come to terms with the differences in our statures. I panicked, and acted like an ostrich facing a problem beyond its comprehension. Pulling the bedclothes over my entire body stopped doing anything. Staying there for two, or three minutes remained motionless. From the first sighting until my demise could not have lasted more than ten seconds? So much for being Mr cool in the face of adversity.

It is funny looking back on the event to those things I did not remember, such as was the being wearing any clothes. To this day that cannot be visualised, it is something that should have stuck out a mile. One other quandary-concerned lapses of memory associated with the time spent under the bedclothes. This I imagine was to do with being in shock, it had caught me off guard in a big way. It is important to stress how real this was to me at the time. I did not know what I was dealing with, but it was certainly way and above anything experienced, getting to know this other existence. By the time my faculties had been regained, I was clenching the bag tightly. The effects of the glue had worn off, and my next decision to be made involved venturing out, or not. Pulling the bedclothes from my face, there was only one area in the room that interested me. That, which had been the most astounding spectacle in my life, was no longer there.

It is not necessary to understand the mechanisms of something, to enjoy it. Between the ages of thirteen and fifteen I did not consider fundamental issue very deeply, life was about fun. This being my philosophy until challenged by more pressing realities. Tonight had brought about one of these challenges. That, which had been seen standing by the door, did not just appear as another vision. It created a build up, which affected me in a strong way, before even laying eyes on it. This being no coincidence, it was designed to show that which I was dealing with, and certainly achieved the purpose. My next decision involved a more serious matter, and that was should I carry on. Once you have opened Pandora’s box, there is no turning back. I felt it imperative to continue.


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Stead, William

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