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Gelder Kunz, Dora van - Diamonds have an aura



Type of Spiritual Experience


 All physical things have spirit beings responsible for them even minerals and chemicals as you can see if you look at people who met the beings of pharmaceuticals.  It is possible via the links with those beings  [inter composer communication] to obtain information about the templates of the things themselves - auras and templates being in a sense synonymous in ths case.

If you are a gifted healer as Dora was [called Diane in this observation] your composer will present the information as an image.  There is some synaesthesia going on here as everything does emit energy and this energy can be sensed and converted via the body to sensations which may then be converted to images, but in the majority of cases with objects like these crystals, the information is being passed between composers [as far as i can tell from the other observations]


A description of the experience

Breakthrough to Creativity – Dr Shafica Karagulla

I wanted some observations on diamonds, and decided we would first look at graphite to see whether or not the pattern differed in the case of amorphous carbon as compared to crystalline carbon. When Diane looked at a chunk of graphite she saw an energy pattern that seemed to emerge from some point inside the piece of graphite.

The lines of energy were wider and thinner than she had observed in crystals. The energy moved in square patterns and more slowly. It was not as bright or as clearly marked as the energy patterns of the crystals we had observed.

When we looked at a diamond she insisted that she saw two levels of energy. One level of energy came into the diamond from the outside and move out again. She made a point of the fact that this had no reference to the light which everyone sees reflected from the surface of the diamond. The energy which moved into the diamond from the outside seemed to her to be plaited like braids of hair. The second type of energy moved out from the centre of the stone, appearing to have its origin at the heart of the stone. It was very tightly knit and extremely luminous. Again, this had no reference to reflected light. Diane observed this same energy pattern in all the cut diamonds which we observed no matter how they were cut.

At our next session I had a piece of uncut clear quartz crystal and several amethysts. As Diane looked at the uncut quartz crystal, she observed that the tip of the crystal seemed to draw in energy. This energy moved to a centre in the crystal, then shot out from the crystal in a quick movement and moved back again to the centre, bending in a triangular pattern. She observed the same pattern in the amethyst which I presented to her for observation.

When she looked at an opal she saw the triangular patterned energy similar to that seen in the case of quartz and amethyst crystals. The energy lines were narrower and the pattern was not well integrated. She described it as a zig-zag and fuzzy pattern.  

The more closely knit the field of force or energy the harder the crystal

The source of the experience

Gelder Kunz, Dora van

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