Some science behind the scenes


We give off energy!  Researchers into the vibrational energies that exude from us have managed to measure ‘energy’ emitting from us.  It can be measured as an electrical field, we are after all electrical bodies, but because as all energy is interrelated it can be measured as a sound – a mechanical wave of energy.

When measured using sound detection equipment these vibrations were in the audible range of frequencies, but were so low in intensity that they could not be heard by the human ear.  When amplified these sounds could be easily heard and differentiated.

If you would like to put a more poetic stance on this, body vibrations are like communal music, with the bodies being both transmitters and receivers of sounds.

Even with the intensity lowered to a subliminal sound, some people are sensitive to these vibrations – whatever frequency -  and can ‘feel’ without understanding why, when someone is well or not and which part of their body is not well.

By a process of synaesthesia [where a sound is converted into an image] some of these more sensitive people can also ‘see’ the sounds being emitted and they then appear as colours .  This is the aura – the low intensity sounds being emitted from the organs of the body as seen by someone who has or can induce synaesthesia.


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