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Schwarz, Jack - Beyond Biofeedback by Drs Elmer and Alyce Green - Auras



Type of Spiritual Experience

Inter composer communication

Number of hallucinations: 1


A description of the experience

Beyond Biofeedback – Drs Elmer and Alyce Green

Over the years since first meeting Jack, we have had a running conversation about this problem of "seeing" and how to separate it from "projecting." Jack makes many significant points in favour of fixed auric patterns.

I had my chance to argue the case for a projection factor at an evening meeting once when suddenly Jack called out to a young man in the audience,

"You have a question which if you don't ask right now you may explode."

The fellow laughed and said, "You're right, what I want to know is . . ."

Later, I asked Jack why he acted so suddenly, how did he know that that person was about to "explode." Jack said he saw a yellow question mark hanging over that person's head.

"Aha!" I said, "did a piece of the aura get detached and make the form of a question mark?"

Jack laughed but he knew what I was referring to.

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Schwarz, Jack

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