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Vignoli, Tito - Sees the rainbow and zig-zags



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Tito Vignoli – On Dreams, Illusions, Hallucinations, Delirium and Madness

I have about twenty times in the course of my life experienced other subjective and more extraordinary sensations of light, not unknown to others.  This phenomenon occurs when I am in a normal condition of health, and always begins with a confusion of sight, so that I am unable to see objects and the faces of people distinctly; after which everything within the range of vision becomes mobile and tremulous.  This state continues for ten minutes, and then clear and distinct vision returns. 

Next a lucid circle, zig-zagged in acute angles, appears close to the eyes, now on the right, now on the left.  It moves in a somewhat serpentine course, and is broken in the centre of the lower half.  It withdraws from the eye into subjective space, and the shining band of which it is composed gradually loses its sharp angles and becomes wider and undulated, while still in motion.

Another remarkable sensation follows.  The shining band, which has dilated until it is withdrawn from the eyes, whether closed or open, to an apparent distance of several yards, becomes tinted with all the colours of the rainbow, standing out in such vivid splendour on the dark background that I have never seen them equalled in nature.  Indeed the beauty of the phenomenon is amazing.  The band, inlaid with various colours, now occupies the whole space, maintaining an equal distance from the closed eyes, and moving continually with a rhythmic undulation, while it constantly becomes more vivid.  The moving circle continues to dilate until slowly it fades, and at last completely disappears.  From its beginning to the end, the vision occupies from twenty to twenty five minutes.

Throughout the phenomenon I continue to be perfectly collected and free in mind, so that I can observe it in all its details with perfect calmness, and can also impart my observations to the persons with whom I happen to be.  Only when the subjective sensation has ceased, I feel an obscure pain in the brow of the eye in which the phenomenon occurred

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Vignoli, Tito

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