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Vignoli, Tito

Category: Philosopher

Tito Vignoli (Rosignano Maritime, February 1, 1829 - Milan, December 5, 1914) was an Italian philosopher. 

His works are not widely known outside Italy, which is a shame because he had some interesting ideas and a wide understanding of the spiritual world.

At twenty he moved to Milan, where he carried out his scientific work.  He was the Professor of anthropology at the Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences, and  in 1893 he became director of the Museum of Natural History.

Two of his books achieved a measure of success outside Italy and have been translated into other languages – notably English and German -  The Fundamental Law of Intelligence in the Animal world (1877) and Myth and Science (1879), the latter, translated into German in 1880.

Also translated into English and not nearly as well known are:

  • The Ideas and Sources of myth 
  • The Intrinsic law of the faculty of apprehension 
  • On Dreams, Illusions, Hallucinations, Delirium and Madness


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