Symbols - What does heaven look like


The Rainbow is used to symbolically represent the Egg and its levels and layers.  You can see how the symbolism works from the picture below.  We normally only see a part of the Egg – the ‘Implemented’ section of the Trinity, but if we symbolically see a ‘Double Rainbow’ we are extremely fortunate because we are seeing not only our part of the egg, but the realm of the Creator and Created too.

The levels are colour coded for explanatory purposes [although in spiritual experiences they can be presented this way too] using the colours of the rainbow 

  • ‘Aether’ level is colour coded white and is in practise an area of terrifyingly powerful white Light.  
  • Fire – the Fire level is colour coded red 
  • Air - orange and yellow are used to symbolically represent  the ‘air’ level 
  • Water – is colour coded blue and green 
  • Earth – and the lower realms are colour coded IN THIS SYMBOL SYSTEM using indigo and violet

 Very very deep purple is then outside the Egg and is symbolically chaos.

The same colour symbolism - the colours of the rainbow - can also be used to represent each of the chakras, which adds considerable confusion to the symbolism.  see Crown.


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