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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Tibetan Book of the Dead - Achieving Buddhahood - Part 2



Type of Spiritual Experience


Hidden amongst some advice on how to cope with actual death, are a series of exercises that explain how to achieve both ecstasy and moksha nirvana.  The explanation comes in the form of a description of both the techniques and their effects and this second observation describes the exercises that are used in the final phases.  The method employs a combination of visualisation exercises plus stimulation via trigger points

A description of the experience


One should meditate clearly on the essence of intrinsic awareness as a white seminal point, [situated] below the navel at the lower extremity of the central channel within the body; or alternatively, [one should clearly visualise here] the seed-syllable of one's very own meditational deity: a white syllable AH, an azure syllable HUM, a red syllable HRIH, and so forth, as appropriate.

It will be best if one [also] clearly visualises that [each of] the orifices [of one's body] is blocked by the syllable HUM; but if this is not visualised, one should focus one's consciousness single-pointedly within the central channel, without mentally engaging the orifices.

Then, one's bodily weight should be [drawn in and] concentrated upwards, and the rectum forcefully closed. The eyes should be turned upwards, and the tongue [lifted to] rest along the [upper] palate. The lower vital energy should be moved upwards, while focusing one's consciousness within the central channel. Then, in conjunction with a series of HI-KA HI-KA gasps, [the seminal point] should be moved successively upwards until it reaches the crown fontanelle. There, it breaks open the orifice of the crown fontanelle, which had been blocked by the syllable HAM, and shoots upwards, like an arrow, blazing with white light, and then it dissolves into the heart of the meditational deity [seated above].

One's awareness should then be focused upwards into the heart of the meditational deity, and without letting it descend, it should be repeatedly drawn in, and absorbed [into the deity's heart]. Then, finally, [the visualisation of] the meditational deity should also be dissolved into a non-referential state. If one's breath ceases while [resting] in that state, one will attain the status of an awareness holder, inseparable from the meditational deity; and achieve buddhahood in the Buddha-body of Perfect Resource.

If the consciousness transference into the Buddha-body of Perfect Resource does take effect in the above manner, as an 'outer sign', the sky will be filled with rainbows and light; and as an 'inner sign', blood or serous fluid will emerge from the crown fontanelle at the top of the head, or dew-like drops, swellings, and so forth will also appear.

The source of the experience

Tibetan Book of the Dead [Bardo Thodol]

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